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The police have been scorned, demonized, despised and depleted by the woke crowd calling the shots in New York City. Lawlessness, homelessness and hopelessness once again threaten to transform this town into an open-air restroom by day, with mayhem and shootings reigning by night. There is, however, something we can do to stop what seems... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The Police will prevail, those who stay.
Trump said he thinks appearing in person would better represent the US and that he feels he has an "obligation" to be there. New York Post
Negotiations have stalled and could be dead as Democrats and Republicans remain far apart on funding for a new COVID-19 stimulus package.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Dems are clearly at fault.


Democrats celebrating Sen. Kamala Harris's pick as their party's vice presidential nominee cited her groundbreaking ancestry, her personal story and her work as a district attorney and later California attorney general. But few found much to say about her current job, as California's junior senator. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Harris is a zero.
President Trump says 'historic peace agreement' made between Israel, UAE. ABC
VOA VIEW: A good start.
U.S. hotel demand likely won’t see a full recovery until 2023, according to a new forecast from travel data company STR and consultant Tourism Economics ABC
VOA VIEW: A mess, but the US will overcome.
American Airlines is considering dropping flights to up to 30 smaller U.S. cities this fall ABC
Amid pressure from activists and community leaders, a prosecutor has asked New York State Police for the case file on an incident in which an off-duty police officer claimed he had been shot at by a group of Black people ABC
The novel coronavirus has now killed more than 750,000 people worldwide. ABC
VOA VIEW: Fauci is unreliable.


The Postal Service requires emergency funds to cope with the pandemic and the election, Democrats say. BBC
VOA VIEW: It's time to play hardball.
Video game giant accuses Apple of "seeking to control markets, block competition and stifle innovation." CBS
Yale denied the allegation, calling it "meritless" and "hasty." CBS
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
Biden told reporters that "every governor should mandate" wearing a mask outside of the home for at least three months. CBS
VOA VIEW: Two fools.

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Federal regulators have flagged nearly 150 products to avoid because they may contain 1-propanol or methanol. CBS
VOA VIEW: Be careful.
U.S. stock futures were flat on Thursday night after the S&P 500 failed once again to reach its record high from February. CNBC
A Yale spokeswoman responded: "We are proud of Yale's admissions practices, and we will not change them on the basis of such a meritless, hasty accusation." CNBC


Kudlow's comments about voting rights fueled fears that Trump would suppress efforts to make it easier to vote during the coronavirus pandemic. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Vote in person is the American way.
Yellen, now a distinguished fellow at the Brookings Institution, was among a handful of economists who on Thursday briefed Biden about an economy that has been reeling during the five-month coronavirus pandemic, according to the campaign. CNBC
A federal judge in Pennsylvania told the Trump campaign and the Republican Party that they must produce evidence they have of vote-by-mail fraud in the state by Friday. CNN
VOA VIEW: A liberal judge.
2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Thursday that if President Donald Trump loses the presidential election this fall, she believes he won't go "silently into the night." CNN
VOA VIEW: Hillary lost and has not gone away.
"America is now in the middle of a 70s style urban crisis whose root is a well-founded fear of violent crime and social collapse in the midst of a pandemic," former George W. Bush administration official Michael Doran pronounced on Twitter Thursday. FOX News

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Austin, Texas became the latest city to defund the police Thursday when the city council unanimously approved a $150 million cut to its police deparment budget -- about 34% of its current total -- and reinvest the funds in other services, The Texas Tribune reported. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Foolish council which will be voted out.
While Russian President Vladimir Putin touted the inoculation in an announcement on Tuesday, saying that the preventative has already been registered, a top U.S. health official says he hasn't "heard any evidence" that it's safe. FOX News
VOA VIEW: No one believes in the Russian vaccine.
Milwaukee and Minneapolis have seen the biggest surge in murders so far this year compared with other large cities nationwide. FOX News

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The Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer who justified looting as “reparation” has doubled down — insisting this week that even calling someone a criminal is “based on racism.” FOX News
VOA VIEW: A fool and his madness.
The Israel Defense Ministry and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency successfully tested the Arrow 2 interceptor system Wednesday night, according to the Defense Ministry. UPI
A flood of cheap, subsidized fruit and vegetables from Mexico threatens to kill off domestic produce farms in the Southeast, farmers and legislators told the Trump Administration in an online hearing Thursday. UPI
Tropical Storm Josephine developed over the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday and is forecast to produce gusty winds and downpours in parts of the Leeward Islands this weekend before it runs into some more weather hurdles. UPI
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of Rhode Island's decision to allow residents to vote by mail without witnesses observing them. UPI
VOA VIEW: Not a good ruling.

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August 14, 2020
     President Trump on Wednesday vowed to permanently abolish the payroll tax at the beginning of 2021 if he is re-elected in November. “On the assumption I win, we are going to be terminating the payroll tax after the beginning of the new year,” the president said during his nightly coronavirus briefing at the White House. But the tax, which raises approximately $100 billion a month, funds Social Security and Medicare, and the act would require support from Congress.

     Trump signed a slate of executive orders over the weekend designed to invigorate the economy, including a four-month payroll tax holiday. The move applies to workers who earned less than $104,000 in 2020 and depending on a person’s wages, could save them several hundred dollars each month.

     On Sunday, Trump promised the move would not negatively impact Social Security. The move would only defer payroll tax payments from September to December, not forgive them, meaning they could be due in January. But in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on the weekend, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the president would push through legislation to make sure the taxes are forgiven, creating a payroll tax cut.  It would build business, there needs to be a Republican sweep.