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NEWS   FRIDAY, MAY  26, 2017   NEWS

Obama’s NSA Rebuked For Snooping On Americans; Journo Says It Proves Wide Pattern
The secret court that oversees government snooping took the Obama administration to task late last year, suggesting it created "a very serious Fourth Amendment issue" by violating rules the government itself had implemented regarding the surveillance of Americans. According to top-secret documents made public by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – often referred to as the FISA court – the government admitted that, just days before the 2016 election, NSA analysts were violating surveillance rules on a regular basis. This pattern of overreach, coupled with the timing of the government’s disclosure, resulted in an unusually harsh rebuke of the administration’s practices and principles. Fox
VOA VIEW: Obama and his ilk violated the law.

Trump To NATO: Unpaid Dues Unfair To U.S. Taxpayers
President Donald Trump spoke at the NATO headquarters in Brussels Thursday, delivering a stern message and putting pressure once again on NATO members to pay their fair share, which he said should be more than the current 2 percent-of-GDP threshold. “NATO members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations … even 2 percent of GDP is insufficient to close the gaps [caused by chronic underpayments over the years],” the president said before all 27 other foreign ministers. Fox

Obama Photographer Keeps Trolling Trump
Former White House photographer Pete Souza has mastered the "show, not tell" technique in outlining the stark contrasts between former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump. Since Trump took office, Souza has routinely posted images from his time documenting Obama's White House on his personal Instagram account, which currently has 1.3 million followers. And the photos Souza shares seem to be anything but random. Through his photos and their accompanying captions, Souza has taken a number of thinly veiled shots at the Trump administration. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN likes anything that is anti Trump.

Facing Fuming British Prime Minister, Trump Vows To Plug Leaks
President Donald Trump arrived at NATO headquarters here Thursday under a cloud of suspicion about the security of foreign intelligence shared with the United States, a controversy he tried to head off by vowing to end leaks of secret information. Trump was due to face an incensed British Prime Minister Theresa May, who plans to confront him over intelligence leaks about the Manchester suicide attack. Shortly after he arrived at NATO, Trump released a written statement decrying unsanctioned disclosures. CNN
VOA VIEW: The leaks are coming from and used by the liberal media.


Speaker Ryan: ‘No Plans Left In Iowa Because Obamacare Collapsed’ – New Health Care Act Is A ‘Rescue Mission’
Following the release of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of the American Health Care Act, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said in a press conference on Thursday he was encouraged that the bill is meeting its budget targets and will lower health insurance premiums for Americans. He also stressed that because Obamacare is collapsing across the nation, the AHCA is a “rescue mission.” “I’m actually comforted by the CBO report, which shows that it [AHCA] will lower premiums, and we can make sure people with pre-existing conditions get covered,” he said. CNS

Budget Director: 'Big Bird' Is A Fat Cat, 'Makes More Than Everybody In This Room'
Big Bird doesn’t need taxpayer handouts, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Wednesday. Testifying before the House Budget Committee Wednesday, Mulvaney defended the elimination of taxpayer funding for PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting required by the White House’s budget proposal. Mulvaney said he’s got nothing against “Sesame Street” and that he even watched it as a child: “Regarding the public broadcasting, look, I mean, my mom tells me I saw the very first ‘Sesame Street.’ Okay. In fact, I was curious that there's a printer in the back room here with Bert's picture on it. They've, evidently, named the printers here, Ernie and Bert.” CNS
VOA VIEW: PBS should be paid by advertisers and those who want to watch it.

Facebook's Zuckerberg Urges Harvard Grads To Contemplate Risk
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg returned on Thursday to Harvard University, the school he dropped out of to start the pioneering social network, to urge its graduating class to help create a new social safety net to allow creative risk-taking. The 33-year-old tech founder of the world's largest social networking company said he would never have been able to risk leaving the elite Ivy League school if he had not known that his family would have been able to support him if he failed. Reuters


Civil Rights Group Sues In U.S. Court Over Immigration Detention
The American Civil Liberties Union sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in federal court on Thursday, seeking records the civil rights group contends provide accounts of hunger strikes at immigration detention facilities. The ACLU said in its filing that in recent weeks there have been a new series of hunger strikes at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers in Georgia, Oregon and Washington, adding hunger strikes have previously hit detention centers in Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Liberals have to face their own fears.

Open Letter To DNC Chair: ‘There’s Too Much At Stake To Ignore Black Women’
Dear Chairman Tom Perez: Black women have consistently shown up for Democrats as a loyal voting bloc, demonstrating time and again that we are crucial to the protection of progressive policies such as economic security, affordable healthcare and criminal justice reform. We have voted and organized our communities with little support or investment from the Democratic Party for voter mobilization efforts. We have shown how Black women lead, yet the Party's leadership from Washington to the state parties have few or no Black women in leadership. More and more, Black women are running for office and winning elections — with scant support from Democratic Party infrastructure. Well, like civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, who testified at the 1964 Democratic convention demanding Blacks have a seat and voice within the Party, we are "sick and tired of being sick and tired." MSNBC
VOA VIEW: The black liberals are pushing their own = good.

Assault, Says Election Up To Montana Voters
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday called on Republican Greg Gianforte to apologize after he was charged with assaulting a reporter, but said he will leave it up to Montana voters to decide whether they want him to serve in Congress. "I do not think this is acceptable behavior, but the choice will be made by the people of Montana," Ryan said during a press conference. "I think he should apologize." A Montana sheriff charged Gianforte with misdemeanor assault Wednesday night after Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs said the politician "body slammed" him at a campaign event in Bozeman while the reporter tried to ask a question. MSNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal thought and Republicans don't stay together.

Appeals Court Upholds Block On Trump’s Extreme Vetting Policy
A federal appeals court upheld a block on President Trump’s extreme vetting executive order, in a ruling Thursday that said the president’s policy, while cloaked in national security concerns, “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination” toward Muslims. “Congress granted the President broad power to deny entry to aliens, but that power is not absolute. It cannot go unchecked when, as here, the President wields it through an executive edict that stands to cause irreparable harm to individuals across this nation,” Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory said in the controlling opinion for the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Washington Times

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Media Leak Of Manchester Bomber’s ID Further Undermines U.S. Credibility Around World
Officials in Washington are scrambling to account for the leaked identity of Britain’s deadliest suicide bomber in a decade after British authorities accused the United States of revealing the sensitive information — the latest instance of unauthorized disclosures undermining American credibility around the world. Washington’s growing culture of leaks has come under intense scrutiny this month. Among the controversies were accusations that President Trump inappropriately disclosed classified information to Russian officials within the White House, and the release from prison of former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who served four years for helping WikiLeaks produce one of the largest leaks of classified information in history. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: This vindicates Trump and shows liberals are not right.

U.K. Resumes Intelligence Sharing With U.S.
A British intelligence official says the United Kingdom is now sharing intelligence with the U.S., after reports that British officials stopped sharing intelligence with the U.S. over concerns about leaks. Multiple media outlets said Thursday, citing anonymous British intelligence sources, that the Greater Manchester Police would stop sharing information on their fast-developing investigation into the bombing with U.S. counterparts after someone within U.S. counterintelligence seemed to have leaked photos of Monday night's Manchester terrorist attack to the New York Times. British officials did not confirm the reports. But British authorities said the leaks compromise their investigation by telling the people they're hunting down what they know. British Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels, Belgium, Thursday, said the relationship between the two nations is "built on trust, and part of that trust is knowing that intelligence can be shared confidentially." CBS

Trump, Macron Handshake Turns Into Showdown
U.S. President Donald Trump met his match in a handshake showdown with France's new president, Emmanuel Macron. At their first meeting, ahead of a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, the two men locked hands for so long that knuckles started turning white. Trump finally seemed ready to pull away -- but Macron evidently wasn't. The French leader held the shake for a few seconds more. Both men's jaws seemed to clench. CBS
VOA VIEW: The liberal make up what they want.

US Airstrike In Mosul Caused Explosion That Killed More Than 100 Iraqi Civilians
A U.S. military investigation has found that 105 civilians were killed in west Mosul in March after a coalition airstrike caused a secondary explosion that was fatal.
Investigators said they believe that ISIS deliberately planted two snipers on the structure's rooftop and rigged the house with explosives to draw a coalition airstrike that would kill the civilians sheltering inside. Neither Iraqi nor coalition forces knew that civilians were inside the home prior to the coalition airstrike. ABC


House Speaker Calls Erdogan Visit Violence 'Indefensible'
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that the violence against peaceful protesters by bodyguards for Turkey's president was "completely indefensible," as members of Congress pressed the Trump administration for a more forceful U.S. response. Ryan, R-Wis., said in a statement that Turkey is an important ally and NATO member, but its leaders must "fully condemn and apologize for this brutal behavior against innocent civilians exercising their First Amendment rights" last week outside the Turkish ambassador's residence. ABC

U.S. Stocks Add To Records; Oil Tumbles On OPEC
U.S. stocks rose to fresh records and the dollar strengthened as retailer results boosted confidence in the American consumers’ ability to jump start economic growth. Oil sank from a five-week high after OPEC extended plans to limit production without deepening the cuts. The S&P 500 Index pushed its longest rally since February to six days as Best Buy Co. and PVH Corp. results topped estimates and the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index signaled optimism among U.S. shoppers. The dollar steadied in the wake of Federal Reserve minutes showing officials unperturbed by recent signs of slower economic growth. U.S. crude lost more than 4 percent to slide below $50. China’s yuan strengthened the most in four months. Bloomberg

Court Essentially Says Trump Lied About Travel Ban
In a remarkable 10-to-3 decision, a federal appeals court on Thursday affirmed the freeze on the second iteration of President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration from six majority Muslim countries. The court said that national security “is not the true reason” for the order, despite Trump’s insistence to the contrary. It’s extraordinary for a federal court to tell the president directly that he’s lying; I certainly can’t think of any other examples in my lifetime. The decision and the breakdown of the judges voting against the ban -- which includes Republican appointees -- presages defeat for the executive order in the U.S. Supreme Court, should the Trump administration decide to seek review there. Faced with this degree of repudiation from the federal judiciary, Trump would be well advised not to go to the Supreme Court at all. Bloomberg

Lawsuit: GM Also Put Emissions 'Defeat Devices' On 700K Trucks
General Motors on Thursday became the third automaker in the last two years to be accused of installing software on diesel vehicles that allowed them to beat U.S. emissions law. A Seattle-based law firm filed a civil lawsuit against the U.S. automaker in Michigan court on Thursday, alleging that GM presently has about 700,000 diesel vehicles on the road in the United States that are equipped with the so-called "defeat devices." "Defeat device" software tells the vehicles to run at government-mandated emissions levels when it's being tested. Once the vehicles leave the shop, though, they resume emitting at levels that exceed EPA standards. Thursday, the automaker denied the suit's accusations. "These claims are baseless and we will vigorously defend ourselves," GM said in a statement. UPI

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Trump Budget Would Allow Sale Of Wild Horses For Slaughter
President Donald Trump's budget proposal calls for saving $10 million next year by selling wild horses captured throughout the U.S. West without the requirement that buyers guarantee the animals won't be resold for slaughter. Wild-horse advocates say the change would gut nearly a half-century of protection for an icon of the American West and could send thousands of free-roaming mustangs to foreign slaughterhouses for processing as food. They say the Trump administration is kowtowing to livestock interests who don't want the region's estimated 59,000 mustangs competing for precious forage across more than 40,000 square miles (103,600 square kilometers) of rangeland in 10 states managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Las Vegas Sun

FBI Misses Deadline To Turn Over Comey Memos On Trump
The FBI says it needs more time to consider a request by Congress to turn over memos and other documents related to meetings between former FBI Director James Comey and President Donald Trump. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz had asked for the material by Wednesday. On Thursday, the FBI sent a letter saying it is still evaluating the request in light of former FBI director Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel in the case. Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the presidential election and possible collusion with Trump's campaign. Chaffetz is seeking FBI documents and recordings detailing communications between Trump and Comey. Trump fired Comey May 9 amid questions about the FBI's investigation. Las Vegas Sun

Faulty Immune Cells May Play Role In Going Bald
Faulty immune cells may play a role in hair loss, a new study suggests. In experiments with mice, researchers found that regulatory T-cells ("Tregs") -- a type of immune cell that helps control inflammation -- trigger stem cells in the skin to promote hair growth. If Tregs are missing, those stem cells can't regenerate hair follicles, the University of California, San Francisco team found. "Our hair follicles are constantly recycling: when a hair falls out, the whole hair follicle has to grow back," study senior author Dr. Michael Rosenblum said in a university news release. "This has been thought to be an entirely stem cell-dependent process, but it turns out Tregs are essential. If you knock out this one immune cell type, hair just doesn't grow," he explained. UPI

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The Air Force’s reconnaissance aircraft have been flying more intelligence missions in light of rising threats along Israel’s borders and the continuing wave of Palestinian violence in the West Bank. The small and unassuming Sde Dov Airport is tucked between the city’s Tel Aviv Port and the Ramat Aviv neighborhood, taking civilians away on vacation. But the hybrid civilian/military airport is also where the air force’s First Squadron planes is based, and took off to fly at least 6,000 hours in 2016 alone. Jerusalem Post

In a sign of Israel's blossoming ties with Africa, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced Thursday evening that in two-weeks he will attend a summit of the 15-member Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to be held in Liberia. This will be Netanyahu's second trip to Africa in less than a year. Last July he travelled to four east African countries – Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia – for the first visit by a sitting Israeli prime minister to Africa in 29 years. He is also scheduled to take part in a summit in Togo in September. Jerusalem Post

Fitness Trackers 'Poor At Measuring Calories Burned'
Most fitness trackers are good at measuring heart rate but poor at measuring calories burned, a study suggests. As a result, people should be cautious about using them to judge what to eat, Stanford University scientists said. The study recommended that companies release data showing how their devices work out measurements.
The accuracy of seven wrist devices were tested while 60 volunteers were asked to walk, run and cycle. Researchers found that six out of seven of the fitness devices were good at estimating the heart rate of the person wearing it, with an error rate under 5%. BBC

Ancestry.Com Denies Exploiting Users' DNA
A leading genealogy service,, has denied exploiting users' DNA following criticism of its terms and conditions. The US company's DNA testing service has included a right to grant Ancestry a "perpetual" licence to use customers' genetic material. A New York data protection lawyer spotted the clause and published a blog warning about privacy implications. Ancestry told BBC Radio 4's You and Yours its terms were being changed. Headquartered in Utah, Ancestry is among the world's largest for-profit genealogy firms, with a DNA testing service available in more than 30 countries. BBC

Obama Tells Adoring Crowd In Berlin: ‘We Can’t Hide Behind A Wall’
Barack Obama received a hero’s welcome when he reunited with Angela Merkel for the first time since leaving office, calling on the audience to engage in democracy and telling the tens of thousands in Berlin: “We can’t hide behind a wall.” Speaking in front of the Brandenburg Gate, which was once cut off by the Berlin Wall, the former US president was greeted with cries of “Barack, Barack” as he urged the 70,000-strong crowd to “push back against those trends that would violate human rights or suppress democracy or restrict individual freedoms” and to “fight against those who divide us”. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Obama is an idiot that few care what he says.

Tony Blair was 'go-between' for Chinese tycoon sought by Interpol as bribe suspect
Tony Blair acted as go-between between a controversial Chinese businessmen now being sought by Interpol and the Abu Dhabi royal family, helping the entrepreneur raise billions of dollars, a report in China has alleged. The former prime minister was alleged to have travelled with Guo Wengui on his private jet for a meeting between the two parties in 2013, respected business magazine Caixin reported on Thursday. Mr Guo, who is also known as Miles Kwok, was introduced by Mr Blair to “key Abu Dhabi figures” including the Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the report said. Telegraph

Donald Trump Shoves Fellow Nato Leader, The Montenegro PM, Aside
US President Donald Trump muscled himself to the front of the world stage in Brussels on Thursday, firmly pushing aside the leader of soon-to-be member Montenegro at a NATO summit. Footage showing the leaders caught Trump pushing his way past Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, then confidently adjusting his suit as he emerged in the front of the group, closer to NATO head Jens Stoltenberg. Video of the incident went viral and came as Trump delivered a tough message to NATO allies to dramatically increase their defence spending to ease financial burden to the United States. Telegraph

With Focus On Natural Disasters, UN Risk Reduction Forum Opens In Mexico
Opening a major United Nations conference on risk reduction in Cancun, Mexico, Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed cautioned that the world would not reach its development goals without tackling climate change and disaster risk. “Human and economic losses from disasters cannot continue at current levels if we are going to progress with the Sustainable Development Goals,” the Deputy Secretary-General said at the opening on Wednesday evening. Held every two years since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami to discuss disaster reduction, the 2017 Global Platform – the fifth such event to date – is bringing together some 6,000 Heads of State, policy makers, disaster risk managers, civil society and other participants. UN News

UNICEF Urges G7 Leaders To Adopt Six-Point Action Plan To Keep Refugee Children Safe
Ahead of the Group of Seven summit in Italy, the United Nations children’s agency has urged the leaders of G7 industrialized countries to adopt its six-point action plan for the protection of refugee and migrant children. At least 36,000 of the refugees and migrants rescued since January have been taken to Sicily, the site of this year’s summit, and the Italian G7 presidency has made migration a priority for this year’s talks. “Sicily stands as a symbol of hope for uprooted children seeking a better life, but it is also the endpoint of an extremely dangerous journey that has claimed the lives of many children along the way,” said Justin Forsyth, Deputy Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). UN New

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